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Kingdom is the faith-based platform for all your home and business service needs. 

We are living in an age where Christians are not supporting one another when it comes to which business services they hire. For most Christians, it isn’t even a thought when they are making a decision of who they should hire for this next project. 

That is changing with kingdom. Believers across the nation now have the ability to find quality trusted businesses that have Christ at the center. By supporting Christian businesses you are keeping your dollars in the Christian economy. As more and more Christians choose to support one another the dollars that will circulate within the Christian economy will start to multiply. 

This will empower more and more Christian families to bring positive change to their communities and this nation. When you are looking to hire someone for your next project it is not enough to just look at quality and price. It is most important to look at who are you empowering with your decisions. With kingdom, you can empower those that will stand with you and spread your beliefs to the world. 

About the Founder

Before kingdom, Tim Kopylov and his family were missionaries with Bethany International for 12 years. They were church planters amongst unreached people groups and trained teams to become effective missionaries. They also started and ran various businesses overseas to use as a platform to advance God’s Kingdom.

While living amongst other religions and being the minority Tim experienced how other religious communities supported each other in business and their daily life. The sad reality hit that non-believers are superior in supporting each other more than Christians currently do. Coming back to the states Tim saw how the Christian economy was nearly nonexistent. With much prayer, discussion, and consideration, kingdom was started. Tim saw the need for a Christian economy and responded to the call by reaching out to an initial group of business owners and churches that shared a similar passion.

Tim and Laura currently live with their 3 children in Minnesota. Tim loves biking, hiking, volleyball, and spending time with his family. They are committed to their local church and devoted to preparing this world for the return of Jesus.