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Aaron represents business owners and business organizations. Companies without in-house counsel hire Aaron to advise and represent them in employment, intellectual property, litigation, and g

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About Aaron Hall, Attorney

I believe it is time for a change in the way the law supports people—in life and in business. It’s time to put minds to work and egos to rest. Time to restore the faith people have lost from self-serving counsel. Time to provide actionable knowledge to see you through your needs, immediate and long-term. It’s time for a partner who uses legal knowledge to empower you. Legal expertise is best used to empower others (not ourselves). I do this by sharing legal knowledge: - Videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AttorneyAaronHall - Articles: https://aaronhall.com/articles/ I do business law, so business owners can do business. As a business attorney, I partner with business owners to strategically grow companies and avoid legal pitfalls. As companies grow, I work with business owners to establish a solid legal foundation to minimize risks in the following areas: Business Ownership - Startups & Funding - Business Owner Disputes - Estate Planning & Business Succession - Tax Planning Employment & HR - Severance Agreements - Noncompete Agreements - Employee Handbooks & HR Policies - Wrongful Termination Intellectual Property - Trademarks - Copyrights - Trade Secrets - Patent Transactions Litigation - Financial Litigation - Trusts & Estates Disputes - Business Lawsuits - Employment Disputes Corporate Counsel - Mergers & Acquisitions - Franchise Law - Regulatory Compliance - Real Estate & Landlord Disputes You can email me at aaron@aaronhall.com.

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